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Overall Summary: TOP
(To save space, all trail names are listed without the word "Trail"-- e.g., Rockbound Trail is Rockbound.)

Wilderness Trails
Trail Name Number Updated Conditions
Bayview 17E04 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Blakely 16E07 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Eagle Falls 17E03 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Glen Alpine 17E06 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Grass Lake 17E06 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Grouse Lake 16E01 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Half Moon Lake 17E31 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Lake Doris to Rubicon 16E08 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Lake Lucille 17E09 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Lake of the Woods to Lake Aloha 17E40 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Lake of the Woods to Ropi Lake 17E11 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Lyons Creek Trail 16E13 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Lyons Lake 16E13 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Mt Tallac 17E33 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Pacific Crest N/A 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
PCT to Aloha 17E39 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Ralston 17E41 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Ralston Peak 17E42 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Red Peak 15E08 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Rockbound 16E08 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Rubicon 16E30 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Schmidell 16E28 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Tahoe-Yosemite 17E01 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Triangle Lake N/A 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Twin Lakes 16E12 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Tyler 16E09 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Velma Lakes 17E34 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS


Unmaintained Wilderness Trails
(Subject to clearing once every 10 years or less, as crew scheduling allows.)
Trail Name Number Updated Conditions
McConnell Lake 16E06 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Red Peak Stock 16E31 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS


Non-Wilderness Trails
(Immediately adjacent to wilderness boundary.)
Trail Name Number Updated Conditions
Angora 17E37 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Bassi Creek 15E19/15E20 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Bloodsucker 16E14 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Highland Lake 15E21 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Loon Lake 16E30 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Pyramid Creek 17E25 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Shadow Lake 15E22 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS
Twin Lakes TH to Rockbound 16E16/16E18 11-13-2015 WINTER CONDITIONS

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Submit a Trail Conditions Report

Date at LOC
Type of Issue
Full Description
6509-29-1516E06OtherThe affected trail is from Leland Lakes to 4Q Lakes and at China Flat junction. Someone went through and destroyed almost every single cairn and trail marker in existence. The trail is now very difficult to follow and cross-country hiking is not really an option due to very rugged terrain. I've tried to repair as many cairns as possible but they are now few and far in between.N/A
6409-04-1517E01Tree_Across_Trailtree blocking TYT between Phipps pass and PCT/TYT sign post (approx. 1 mile from Phipps pass). N/A
6308-28-1517E31Tree_Across_Trail5 medium to large blow down trees blocking trail to half moon lakeN/A
6206-27-1517E31OtherGlen Alpine trail to half moon trail is clear. Half Moon Trail to lake has a few downed trees and standing water both easily passable. Half Moon Lake has lots of mosquitoes at all times of day. N/A
6105-24-1517E39OtherFree of trees, 1 to 4 inches of water on 50% of trail. Very unstable drifts on trail in Haypress Meadow.N/A
6005-23-1517E40OtherFree of snow and trees. 1 to 3 inches of water on 50% of trail, some deeper puddles. N/A
5905-23-1517E39OtherClear of trees and snow. 50% of trail has 1 to 3 inches of water, some deeper puddles. N/A
5805-07-1516E12OtherTrail is clear all the way to Twin Lakes with no snow or down trees present. N/A
5705-01-1516E13Unstable_SnowThe trail is clear to the main Lyons Creek crossing inside the Wilderness. There are a few down trees and quite a bit of water running down the trail. After the crossing you will be on snow on the way to Sylvia Lake. The creek is running high and cold, cross with care.N/A
5603-21-1517E39Unstable_SnowNot really unstable, but whole trail after Haypress Meadow on 8000+ ft is covered in couple feet of ice. Lakes are all frozen and trails are all hidden.N/A
5508-31-1416E30OtherBoulder in middle of trail on Rubicon trail between Clyde Lake Trail and Misquito Pass. Approximately 3ft.W x 3ft.L x 3ft.H and coordinates are N38deg52'40.1" by W120deg09'55.5" using NAD83.N/A
5408-30-1416E30OtherBoulder across two-thirds of trail north of the junction of Rubicon Trail and Clyde Lake Trail. Approximately 4ft.L x 2ft.W x 2ft.H and coordinates are N38deg52'33.5" W120deg10'14.3".N/A
5207-27-1417E42Tree_Across_Trail2 trees across the trail about 150-200 yards inside the DW boundry...1st -- about 30" diameter .... 2nd -- about 100' past the 1st ...12" diameter at 4 1/2' height above trail...N/A
5106-22-1416E08Other2-3 trees down over trail, easily passable. Trail is clear of snow to Rockbound Pass. Over the pass some cross country travel is needed to avoid snow between the pass and Lake Doris. Once past Lake Doris the trail is 99% clear to Lake Schmidell with only occasional patches of snow.N/A
5006-14-1417E01OtherTrail clear from Meeks Bay trailhead to the upper end of Stony Ridge LakeN/A
4906-14-1416E08Tree_Across_TrailThe Rockbound trail from Twin Lakes TH is in good condition and clear of major obstructions and snow to Rockbound Pass. Note: Trails are closed in the Wrights Lake area because of a major tree blowdown event which occurred last winter- the Rockbound TH area suffered significant damage from fallen trees and repairs are nearly completed. Trees are cleared from the Twin Lakes TH up to the Rockbound trail Wilderness Boundary. Within the Wilderness boundary there are only 4 trees (12-18" diameter all lodgepole pines) across the trail that warrant cross cut saw work. Three of the trees are just within the boundary: 12" top bind 2" above ground; 12"+ top bind 6' above ground- bottom bind and hanging; and 18" top bind 3' above ground. The fourth tree is above willow flat before the cutoff trail tN/A
4806-07-1417E33Unstable_SnowTallac. Trail at the top of Cathedral Bowl still has a melting cornice of snow. Hikers are climbing the rock around it and making it to the summit.N/A
4706-01-1417E39OtherTrail is clear of snow from Echo Chalet all the way to Haypress Meadow. From Haypress all the was to Mosquito Pass, there are large patches of snow, some as much as 6' deep in Haypress. The trail is wet and in many places, the trail is flooded. N/A
4505-24-1417E40OtherFrom echo lake once you reach the ridge above Tamarak lake the trail is covered in snow all the way to lake of the woods and lake aloha. Estimated 2-3 ft deepN/A
4405-15-1416E12Tree_Across_TrailThe closure of Wrights Lake due to downed trees from the November 2013 wind event adds almost 1 mile, each way, to hikes from the Wrights Lake trailhead (hiking from the parking lot outside the Wrights Lake gate). Several downed trees will be encountered shortly after entering the trail (near the lake), but it is then clear until after the trail starts to climb towards the Grouse Lake outlet creek; from that point there are numerous large trees across the trail, requiring significant climbing or bushwacking to get over or around. The trail becomes very indistinct as you approach the Grouse Lake outlet creek.N/A


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