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Overall Summary: TOP
(To save space, all trail names are listed without the word "Trail"-- e.g., Rockbound Trail is Rockbound.)

Wilderness Trails
Trail Name Number Updated Conditions
Bayview 17E04 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Blakely 16E07 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Eagle Falls 17E03 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Glen Alpine 17E06 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Grass Lake 17E06 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Grouse Lake 16E01 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Half Moon Lake 17E31 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Lake Doris to Rubicon 16E08 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Lake Lucille 17E09 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Lake of the Woods to Lake Aloha 17E40 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Lake of the Woods to Ropi Lake 17E11 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Lyons Creek Trail 16E13 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Lyons Lake 16E13 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Mt Tallac 17E33 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Pacific Crest N/A 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
PCT to Aloha 17E39 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Ralston 17E41 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Ralston Peak 17E42 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Red Peak 15E08 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Rockbound 16E08 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Rubicon 16E30 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Schmidell 16E28 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Tahoe-Yosemite 17E01 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Triangle Lake N/A 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Twin Lakes 16E12 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Tyler 16E09 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Velma Lakes 17E34 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS


Unmaintained Wilderness Trails
(Subject to clearing once every 10 years or less, as crew scheduling allows.)
Trail Name Number Updated Conditions
McConnell Lake 16E06 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Red Peak Stock 16E31 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS


Non-Wilderness Trails
(Immediately adjacent to wilderness boundary.)
Trail Name Number Updated Conditions
Angora 17E37 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Bassi Creek 15E19/15E20 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Bloodsucker 16E14 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Highland Lake 15E21 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Loon Lake 16E30 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Pyramid Creek 17E25 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Shadow Lake 15E22 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS
Twin Lakes TH to Rockbound 16E16/16E18 11-24-2013 WINTER CONDITIONS

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Submit a Trail Conditions Report

Date at LOC
Type of Issue
Full Description
3412-08-1317E37OtherFinal Test. Fixed Photo Upload, added more information to the Admin Notification Email.Photo
1711-09-1317E33Tree_Across_TrailTree across trail about 1/3 of the way to Floating Island Lake. Tree across trail about 1/3 way to Cathedral Lake. Ice on the trail in places. Fall conditions. Weather changeable.N/A
1507-10-1317E33OtherNo major obstacles or water crossings. Snow patch at top of bowl passable on trail without climbing around it. No snow at or near summit. No water for people or dogs above Cathedral Lake. N/A
1407-08-1317E40Tree_Across_TrailThis is actually on the trail that circles Lake of the Woods, close to the junction with the trail to lake Aloha. Large treefall, 18" to 20" diameter, 10" above the trail, lying diagonally across the trail. Stepover is not possible: bypass with a full pack is difficult, and perhaps somewhat perilous. Location is N 38 51.200 W 120 07.077. Photos uploaded to "Media" page.N/A
1307-01-1317E01Tree_Across_TrailTrail to Stony Ridge Lake in good shape - biggest obstacle is tree across trail at Shadow Lake, see: Also, there were a few smaller trees (easy to get around) further up the trail towards Stony Ridge.N/A
1206-23-1316E13OtherTrail is green and clear of snow to both lakes. Wildflowers starting to bloom.N/A
1106-16-1317E39Tree_Across_TrailTwo trees downed on PCT approx 1/2 mile south of Lake AlohaN/A
1006-14-1317E25OtherSign at trailhead needs to be repaired- it has fallen off the support. Box holding day permit applications at the wilderness boundary is empty.N/A
906-12-1315E08OtherVan Vleck to Lake No. 3- access clear with minor snow patches and snow bridge hazards above 8000'. Nine trees across the trail were marked- 5 within wilderness boundary and 4 outside boundary. GPS coordinates and photos of trees across trail are available upon request. Trail is in need of maintenance- water bars, erosion, trees across trail, and lopping/small saw cutting of young lodegpole pines on trail. Water crossings are doable without getting feet wet. Trail diverted at gate around bridge construction in progress.N/A
806-09-1316E31OtherTrail covered completely by snow between Lois Lake and the saddle on the Crystal Range. South of the saddle, I was able to follow some sections of the trail but some sections were covered by snow or streams, at lower elevations.N/A
706-08-1317E40Tree_Across_Trailfrom lotw to aloha, huge tree across trail that needs attention, tons of snow and mud but able to follow footprints to meet up with trail on other side....these conditions exist for only the first half the length of the trail. after that its clear to alohaN/A
606-08-1317E42Unstable_Snowralston peak from lake of the woods, tons of snow(5-6 feet high) impassable.N/A
506-08-1317E39Otherecho lakes to lake of the woods trail, trail clear of snow until last 50 feet to lotw post....a little muddy at that point....lotw trail from pct to the lake, initial flat part muddy and a little snow but able to maneuver around, once start going up hill the conditions are fine....conditions at the lake, east shore snowy and muddy, west shore free of snow.N/A


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